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SMTP check

Remove hard bounce email addresses using our SMTP socket validation.

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Disposable Email

Detection of email addresses from disposable email provider like spamgourmet.

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Catch-All Checker

We identify domains that have a "catch-all" behavior when sending any emails.

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Syntax filter

We identify any Email addresses with an invalid syntax.

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Risk detection

Scans against High Risk Keywords and identify foolish Email addresses.

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Spam-trap detection

We identify known spam-trap Email addresses.

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Domain Confirmation

We identify Email addresses containing inactive, invalid or parked Domain names.

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MTA Validation

Checks for the Email Transfer Agent on whether it has a Valid MX Record or not.

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Add your plain text or csv files containing Email addresses, and you can start the cleaning process.


Get output files containing the lines where the Email addresses found have been judge healthy for marketing sendings.


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  • No SSL
  • Up to 10 000 requests per month
  • Up to 60 requests per minute
  • Queued if overloaded
  • Technical support
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  • SSL access
  • Unlimited requests per month*
  • Up to 600 requests per minute
  • Automatic server failover
  • Technical support


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